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Jindo Miracle Sea Festival

Once a year in Jindo in Jeollanam-do Province, the seas mysteriously part and visitors can walk through the sea from the mainland to a nearby island. This phenomenon is caused due to the difference in high tides and low tides, which creates a 2.8-kilometer-long road measuring 40 to 60 meters in width. The Jindo Miracle Sea Festival takes place at the same time as this phenomenon. Visitors can enjoy walking along the sea road, gathering abalone and various other fun activities that make up the festival program. The spectacular sight of the waves parting is widely known and many people travel to Korea from all over the world just to witness this amazing event.



i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with


me in middle school: i’m not gay
me in a room full of hot guys now:


"I’m really excited to release this mix for EARMILK because I’ve been wanting to release a ‘summer mix’ to showcase not only my own music but music that has inspired me along the way. I wanted the mix to show a vast amount of genres but in a melodic and cohesive way from UK Garage to nu-disco to melodic deep house. I hope people enjoy the mix as much as I did making it." - Gryffin

Gryffin Sumnmer Mix
Ellie Goulding - Burn (Gryffin Remix)
Calippo - Need A Friend (Original Mix)
Andre Plati, Sugar Hill - Keep Me High (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
Rome - I Belong To You (Gryffin Remix)
Kiesza - Hideaway (Gorgon City Remix)
Shiba San - Okay (Original Remix)
Calippo - Back There (EDX Dubai Skyline Remix)
Tchami - Untrue (Original Mix)
Trey Songz - Na Na (Cedric Zeyenne Remix)
Ferreck Dawn, Redondo - Love Too Deep (Original Mix)
My Digital Enemy - Desire Life (Original Mix)
Lloyd - Get It Shawty (Gryffin Remix)
MS MR - Think Of You (RAC Remix)
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Cover)
Whitney Houston - I Learnd From the Best (ID Remix)


On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before.

Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into orbit: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, and irises.

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my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day

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